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Academy of Computer Education, also known as Rajshahi IT Center, is a professional computer and IT training institution which offers web courses to prepare students with the skills and knowledge needed for today's IT fields. We focus on IT certification training classes. Rajshahi IT Center offers classes for many of today's most in-demand IT certifications such as web design and developing. Rajshahi IT Center offers small class sizes, hands-on computer training, flexible schedules (Days, Weekend or Evenings) and affordable pricing with financing if needed. Most importantly, our computer training is always high quality and comes with a quality guarantee. You will always receive a well prepared, knowledgeable, congenial and most importantly, well spoken instructor from Rajshahi IT Center, always!

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Discount Offer on Web Development

Rajshahi IT Center offers attractive discount on Web Development course.

Please call us, or visit our office for details.
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Why Take Computer Training?

There are many reasons why Computer Training is important for you and/or your company.

You will learn to work more effectively and learn shortcuts so tasks can get done faster. Your computer knowledge will also eliminate much of the frustration formerly felt when working with computers. Training programs are an efficient way for people to acquire computing skills, as they enable users to learn more about the systems they use and take advantage of their systems' capabilities.

Learning in a classroom setting (obviously with a skilled trainer) is proven to be a better training method than teaching yourself.


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